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black friday blog

Black Friday: How to Scale Up Your Retail Team Like a Pro

Be prepared to compete for the best workers ahead of this holiday season.  Last year’s Black Friday weekend was one.
employee safety concerns in retail

Assuaging Retail Employee Safety Concerns

As the pandemic rages on, and many retail locations remain open, retail employee safety concerns are, understandably, front and center..
seasonal hiring checklist

Seasonal Hiring Checklist for Retail Employers

If your organization experiences seasonal swings, then you know that hiring for these busy times presents a special challenge. The.
unemployment bias

How To Beat Unemployment Bias

Unemployment bias is nothing new. Unemployed candidates often face stigma and discrimination during the recruitment process. But should unemployment really.
post-Covid retail hiring

5 Tips to Improve Post-Covid Retail Hiring

As the pandemic appears to wind down (for now, at least) and the economy gets back to its bustling self,.

How Mom-And-Pops Can Compete With Big Retail

In an increasingly homogenous and globalized world, how can mom-and-pop businesses keep up with the biggest players in the retail.

7 Most Popular Jobs in 2021

The most popular jobs change from year to year depending on any number of socio-economic conditions. The U.S. economy and.
cultural fit

Is Cultural Fit A Diversity Killer In Retail?

In a bid to nurture harmonious and robust workforces, an increasing number of organizations are choosing to hire for cultural.
Video Hiring

7 Ways to Nail Video Hiring in Retail

Video hiring is a modern reality that can’t be ignored. COVID-19 has been a catalyst for the rapid digitalization of.

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