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Even though our network of partners and employees extend throughout the world, our sense of community continues to remain closer than ever. That’s because we choose to “work as one”. When we work as one, the sky’s the limit and our limit knows no bounds.

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I get satisfaction from knowing I am making a positive impact on both our clients and their potential new employees. A new client’s first experience with us is crucial to create a happy roadmap for our future together. It’s amazing to work with people who share the same mission of providing nothing but the best support to our clients.

Jeanine Knapp

One of the best things about working at Accurate Background is how the whole team makes sure we are following the correct processes and wanting to do what is needed to make sure all background checks are completed as quickly as possible.

Rayan El-Omari

The best thing about Accurate Background is the people we work with. There’s a general ‘good feeling’ when coming in to the office, which is fueled by the friendly office atmosphere and knowing that all our employees are looked at as people, not just numbers. This is a company that truly cares about employees.

Stephen Burgess

25 years ago, we set out on a journey to advance the background screening industry. As we celebrate more than two decades of service excellence, we’re reflecting on what we’ve learned, what’s kept us going, and what’s coming next.

Tim Dowd


I love facing new challenges every day that require me to use quick critical thinking in order to provide great service to our clients’ needs. Not only does this allow me to satisfy our clients’ expectations but allows me to gain knowledge in my role.

Valerie Rodriguez

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