Picture of Lucio Garcia

Lucio Garcia

Lucio Garcia has worked for Accurate twice during his professional career. He’s gratified to have had the opportunity to return after leaving for a short time to work with another background screening firm.

Lucio initially came to work with Accurate in 2011 shortly before graduating from UC-Irvine with a double major in psychology and criminology. He learned about the opening for a quality specialist (a role now referred to as compliance review) on Craigslist and was attracted by the opportunity to put his college investment to work. The position involved reviewing criminal records and applying state compliance regulations.

From his initial role in the public records department, Lucio went on to a lead role and, ultimately, to a management role with the domestic research team.

At the beginning of 2020 Lucio left Accurate to work for another company, but he says, “the grass wasn’t greener on the other side.” He says he was fortunate that he left on good terms and had maintained connections at Accurate. What he discovered over the short time he was away was that he really didn’t want to be in an operations role any longer.

He returned to Accurate in November 2020 with the account management team where he is now.

Navigating Change

After more than a decade of experience with Accurate, Lucio says he’s witnessed a lot of changes—primarily related to the growth of the company. Initially, he says, he was part of a two person compliance review team. But, he says, the company has grown “every single year after that.” The pace, he says, has been “really, really fast,” with growth in both employees and customers.

It’s a pace, and a culture that has kept him engaged.

A Culture That Really Resonates

Accurate’s culture is built on four core values pillars that unify the company with a common purpose, define where they’re headed, indicate what they’ll do to get there, what they believe in, and how they will behave with each other and their customers. They are:

  • Take ownership: be accountable for your actions, your team, and the company.
  • Be open: be open to new ideas.
  • Stay curious: stay curious even as you move forward.
  • Work as one: work together to create the best customer and workplace experience.

The one that resonates most with Lucio is “work as one.” Since he’s been with Accurate, he says, “there’s never been a time where I felt like nobody wanted to help—whether they were new, had been with the company a long time, or were busy.” Accurate staff, no matter how tenured, he says, “have always taken the time to answer questions from the new employees.” That is something, he says, that has really stood out to him.

Making a Difference

For Lucio, himself, one of the things that Lucio loves most about his work with Accurate is the opportunity to work with employees when they first join the company. “It’s always been good for me, as a supervisor or manager, to see people get over the obstacles they may have learning the system or processing searches,” he says.

As part of that process, he says, he’s also enjoyed watching people go from an entry level role to a lead or supervisory role—or to other higher level positions within the company. “That’s the most rewarding thing for me to see,” he says. “Just seeing people moving up and seeing them grow.”

But it’s the shift from operations to account management that has served to keep Lucio engaged and energetic about his work.

Finding His Niche

When Lucio left for a job outside of Accurate, he says, he had really just been curious about whether he would still successfully navigate a job search process because it has been such a long time—almost ten years—since he’s been looking for a job. “I’d spent so much time at Accurate that I just wanted to see what else was there,” he says.

But in his shift from Accurate to another company—still working in an operations role—he says, “that’s when it hit me that maybe I was just tired of working in operations and I needed to do something else.”

That something else for him has been working directly with customers through account management. In addition, he says, his account management role gives him the opportunity to share ideas, to collaborate and problem solve and to have an opportunity for flexibility and creativity.

For now, that’s where Lucio would like to stay as he works to become a subject matter expert and master the account management role. “That’s where I see myself, for now,” he says.

For others, he would definitely recommend Accurate as a great place to work. “It’s great for growth opportunities,” he says. “There’s definitely a place for you somewhere in the company.” If one role isn’t quite the right fit, there may be—as Lucio found—another that fits just perfectly.