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social security numbers and background checks

Don’t Trust Your Business to a “Partial” Background Check API

We’re currently living through a redefinition of work and what constitutes a job.  Technology has given way to the “sharing.

CSU Institutes Comprehensive Background Check Policy

Several California State University campuses recently announced the adoption of a statewide CSU background check policy across the school system..
social security numbers and background checks

Accurate Background CEO on the “Sharing Economy” Workforce – HRDive

Many “sharing economy” services get rave reviews. However, a few recent cases have highlighted situations where contractors with backgrounds ranging from.

EEOC’s recent consent decree – What employers need to know

Recently, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission entered into its first consent decree with an employer since the EEOC Guidance was.
social security numbers and background checks

Guest Post: Hiring and Maintaining a Legal Workforce

Today’s guest post is brought to you by Arnall Golden Gregory partner Montserrat Miller. Montserrat is a respected thought leader in.
social security numbers and background checks

Retailers: Why Leave the Back Door Open to Theft?

Background checks provide critical protections for your reputation, brand, and profits It’s no secret that theft is a huge issue.
social security numbers and background checks

What Does Your Social Security Number Say About You?

For the average American, the Social Security Number holds special significance. It follows you from birth to death and can.

Ban the Box Comes to New York City & Oregon

New York City and the State of Oregon recently joined the growing list of states and jurisdictions to Ban the.

Nevada Removes 7 Year Limitation for Criminal Convictions

Governor Brian Sandoval signed S.B. 409 into law on June 9th, 2015, eliminating the 7-year reporting restriction for criminal convictions. Effective immediately,.

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