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5 Myths About Background Checks

Date Published: July 21, 2022 | Last Updated: September 15, 2023 | By Emily Beeler

Background checks are a way to not only discover information about a potential employee, but to get to know them on a more personal level. Safety is the priority when it comes to hiring and having a trusted background check service provider is the key to a smooth process. Employees are the face of any organization, making it pivotal to hire only the best. Conducting background checks retains a strong company reputation and is a key factor in the hiring process.

Myth: Background checks are only for pre-employment

Screening a candidate before hiring them is an essential part of the hiring process. This is where you get to see who you are hiring and what they bring to the table. Background checks cannot tell you everything about an applicant, but they provide a steady foundation. The pre-employment background check is not a “one and done” deal. Rescreening is the process of continuously monitoring employees and ensuring that they are upholding company standards and policies. If an incident occurs a day, month, or year after hiring, rescreening will allow you to stay up to date with your staff. Rescreening encourages employees to abide by company policy and alleviates any concerns that an employer may have.

Myth: All background check information can be found online

Background checks provide a deeper level of information than the average internet search. Driving records, criminal history, social media searches, etc., – all things that an employer would not be able to discover on their own. The casual internet snoop does not reveal information to the same extent a background check would. Instead of searching for answers on your own, allow a background check service provider to do it. This partnership creates a formal hiring audit and ensures that information does not go undiscovered.

Myth: Background checks are only used to weed out bad candidates

Not only is it important to know who you are hiring, but to make sure that they align with your company’s standards and values. Often candidates are led to believe that their background check’s purpose is to reveal earth-shattering information that would lead to them to getting denied. The reality is that employers are trying to find the perfect fit. Background checks reveal information that is not surface level, or information that may not have been disclosed during the interview process. Companies like to see who you are in a more meaningful way, which is why Accurate focuses on making each customer’s experience a great one.

Myth: Background checks can only be viewed by the employer

Wrong! Background checks can be viewed by both the employer and the applicant. This information is not private to the employer and is open to any correction. If a background check were to list inaccurate information, every applicant has the right to attest. One purpose of a background check is to protect the safety of both the applicant and the organization, this information is no secret and is used for the sole reason of finding the right candidate.

Myth: Every background check is the same.

Every business is unique. That’s why Accurate focuses on customizing background checks according to industry. Whether you work in healthcare, insurance, retail, or transportation, we can provide a background check that suits you. Not every background check is the same because not all industries require the same rules and regulations. Tailored to your company’s needs, Accurate is 100% focused on delivering the most beneficial package to you.