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6 Ways to Celebrate Healthcare HR Week

Date Published: March 15, 2021 | Last Updated: September 15, 2023 | By Jeramy

Healthcare HR professionals are “strategic partners for the healthcare workforce,” according to the American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration (ASHHRA).

This week marks 2021’s Healthcare HR Week, created to recognize and celebrate the HR professionals working in healthcare organizations across the country, honoring their critical role across the nation’s care continuum, and recognizing that HR practitioners have the influence to positively impact the lives of employees as well as their communities. Honestly, has there ever been a more appropriate time to do so?

As we enter into the second Spring of the pandemic, the indispensable work of all healthcare employees has never been more apparent, and this is no different for the work of HR within the healthcare industry.

The healthcare landscape has never been more complex, and HR professionals within the industry must navigate an enormous spectrum of issues, included but not limited to: talent fluctuations, remote workforce management, compensation and benefits, employee wellness, federal, state, and local regulations, and ever-evolving technology.

Every day brings a unique set of challenges and the need for solutions, to ensure that those providing patient care are getting all they need – the support to do their jobs well, while also maintaining their own mental, physical, and emotional health.

Accurate Background would like to take this opportunity to call attention to the dedication and tireless work of healthcare HR professionals, whose work often goes well beyond the initial scope of their job. We honor the healthcare HR professionals who work in all aspects of care – from hospitals, health systems, long-term care, hospice facilities, and all other healthcare organizations.

We recognize that the job of healthcare HR is vital, one with ongoing demand, daily hiring decisions, employee engagement strategies, and critical patient safety initiatives. This week serves as an appreciation for the passionate, talented individuals who commit to the “behind the scenes” positions, yet are the ones who help lay the foundation of a successful healthcare system.

6 Ways to Celebrate Healthcare HR Week

We encourage healthcare organizations to recognize their HR teams this week. Understanding that we are still being asked to remain steadfast in our social distancing, and countless workers are working from home, some suggested remote appreciation activities include:

  • Distribute virtual rewards, such as gift cards to online retailers, food delivery options, etc.
  • Host an HR virtual luncheon or happy hour.
  • Host a virtual team building event, such as a painting class, flower arrangement, or charcuterie class.
  • Send a home office care package – items could include office supplies, snack boxes, branded blankets, etc.
  • Consider offering a personal development stipend, where the team member(s) choose a learning opportunity unrelated to their day-to-day job.
  • Say “Thank You.” Simple and effective. Bonus points if you send a handwritten note.

During this week, Accurate Background salutes the work of healthcare HR professionals, for their imperative contributions to the healthcare industry. We ask that as you go about your day/week, take time to consider all of the ways your HR team contributes to the success of your organization, and then make time to thank your human resources team, and show your gratitude for their dedication.