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Background Checks for IT Professionals

Date Published: April 28, 2022 | Last Updated: September 15, 2023 | By Accurate Background

Cyber security is constantly in the news. Our global dependence on technology, IT, the internet, smartphones, big data, and other similar advancements increases every day. Your IT group is under constant pressure to keep your business running and protect your company’s data. It only takes one bad hire to jeopardize your entire company, including its assets and reputation.

Protecting your data, reducing liability, and avoiding fraud and other criminal activity in the IT realm requires comprehensive, reliable employment screening services directly catered to the tech industry. Accurate takes the challenges associated with hiring honest, qualified IT professionals seriously. These challenges include the following:

  • Speed. Competition for attracting and hiring tech vacancies is fierce. We know our clients cannot afford to lose good talent as a result of slow or tedious background check processes, which is why we offer fast turnaround times and industry-leading integrations that make requesting and running background checks smooth and seamless for all parties involved.
  • Trust. Your IT employees have access to sensitive information and valuable intellectual property. They hold the success and reputation of your business in their hands, which is why we work diligently to provide our clients with accurate, reliable results. Our criminal records searches are the best in the industry; we have quick access to a vast resource of local, state, and federal criminal databases to provide our clients with a complete picture of all their IT applicants. We also provide the expertise you need to interpret the reports and make safe, smart hiring decisions.
  • Qualifications. Accurate carefully verifies each applicant’s education, licenses, and employment experience to ensure you can hire people with the skills needed to hit the ground running. IT is a rapidly changing, complex field. You need IT folks who speak your specific IT language.
  • Competition. As already stated, competition for IT professionals is intense. IT folks are harsh judges of poor systems; what is a stellar candidate going to think of a background check process that runs on paper, has a poor interface, or requires cumbersome duplicate data entry? Your background check process is one of the candidates’ first opportunities to interact with your business. Accurate helps you put your best foot forward from the start with user-friendly ATS integrations and candidate portals.
  • Diversity. Today’s IT professionals come from all over the world. The chances are high that your IT candidates will have lived, studied, or worked outside the United States. Accurate has an international reach; our agents can conduct thorough background screenings in over 200+ countries worldwide.
  • Remote work. Technological advancements have made it possible for your IT group to work from anywhere. The fact that your employees may not come to your office every day doesn’t mean your risk of fraud is any less; remote employees can pose even greater risks to your organization, especially when they have access to proprietary information. Pre-employment background screenings from Accurate ensure that you’re hiring who you think you’re hiring—even when you can’t see them in person—and that nothing in their background raises red flags about honesty or integrity.

As you can see, Accurate is passionate about providing high-quality screening services for IT professionals.

The Benefits of Background Checks

We believe in background checks. The benefits of consistent, reliable screening include the following:


Background checks can reduce violence in the workplace. Employers are obligated to provide a safe work environment for all their employees, and background checks are a critical tool in that process. Pre-employment criminal history screenings uncover issues, such as:

  • Reckless behavior
  • Substance abuse
  • Theft
  • Fraud
  • Violence
  • Criminal convictions
  • Other forms of dishonesty

Having the facts helps you make safe, smart hiring decisions. It also protects you from negligent hiring claims made as a result of bad hires. If you onboard an individual with a record of misconduct that you made no effort to uncover and your employees or customers are harmed as a result, you can be held liable for negligent hiring. That’s a risk you can’t afford and don’t need to take.


Along those same lines, some positions and industries mandate background checks in order to mitigate risk. Examples of jobs that require pre-employment background checks include the following:

  • Working with toxic or hazardous materials
  • Working with vulnerable people such as children, seniors, or the disabled
  • Those with some responsibility for other people’s safety
  • Positions that require access to private residences
  • Positions that involve access to personal, confidential information

Asset Protection

Every business is at risk of losing revenue to theft and fraud due to employee dishonesty. Employers can prevent this type of loss by screening employees for patterns of deception.


Getting the right people into the right positions is the key to maximizing productivity. When qualified people are given the right opportunities, they thrive. They stay in their positions longer, bring more passion to the job, and help raise up everyone around them. This is really the highest goal of the information provided in a background check. When done well, employers can assemble high-powered teams with the qualifications and integrity to get the job done right.

The Final Word

Pre-employment background checks are crucial to your organization’s success. A transparent, consistent, soundly executed background check policy helps organizations hire good people, reduce losses, increase productivity, and keep everyone safe in the process.

Accurate is ready to help with exceptional screenings for IT professionals. We understand the issues at stake, and we’re prepared to help you get the people you need for your IT department. Don’t rush the hiring process and skip the background check. Accuracy won’t slow you down. Reach out to us today to discuss how we can help you with your IT hiring needs.