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Ban the Box Reaches the South

Date Published: March 05, 2015 | Last Updated:September 15, 2023 | By Accurate Background
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Georgia Governor Nathan Deal officially banned the box in state employment last week through an executive order, making Georgia the first Southern state to remove criminal inquiries from state job applications. Such progressive legislation in a conservative region indicates just how powerful the Ban the Box campaign has become.

Through the executive order, Georgia public employers can no longer request criminal conviction history on their applications, nor can they use a criminal record as an automatic bar to employment unless the job being sought is considered a “sensitive governmental position.”

This order has been sitting on the Governor’s desk since Spring of 2014, and many keeping their eye on Ban the Box developments were skeptical that a Republican Governor in a Southern state would sign off. Skeptics were silenced February 23rd, when Governor Deal signed the Order which is “intended to encourage the full participation of motivated and qualified persons with criminal histories in the workforce, reduce recidivism, and assure public safety.”

Fourteen states have now banned the box, and six of these have gone as far as restricting criminal inquiries by private employers.

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