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Candidates, FCRA Compliance, and Background Checks

Date Published: February 16, 2016 | Last Updated:September 15, 2023 | By Accurate Background
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How to Keep the Triad in Balance

The heat is on when it comes to finding good talent. But the ability to secure candidates quickly while also reducing compliance risk is becoming increasingly difficult. This is especially true for companies in the sharing economy where onboarding patterns are dynamic and can fluctuate quickly.

According to PwC, the global sharing economy will grow to $335 billion in 2025. To give you a little perspective, it was only valued at $15 billion in 2013. So, what does this mean for companies in the sharing economy? As the industry grows, so will the demand for technologies that streamline the candidate onboarding process while also enabling trust-based relationships between service providers and consumers. This can only occur when candidates have been properly screened within the confines of state and local compliance requirements.

With the  FCRA compliance capabilities available through our advanced Background Check API, customers can provide safety to the sharing economy with fast and FCRA compliant background checks.

Integrated compliance features include:

  • Facilitation of compliance-required documentation: Facilitating the distribution of compliance-required documentation during and after the background check process, including the management and distribution of state-required copies of background reports, pre-adverse action letters, and adverse action letters.
  • Compliance notifications: If adverse information is uncovered on a candidate, Accurate Background will handle the fulfillment of custom pre-adverse and adverse letters and deliver them to the candidates – providing them clear, compliant communications. Samples of all federal and state compliance required documents and forms are available at no extra cost.
  • Candidate Scoring: Candidate Scoring through our Risk Reduction Technology ™ supports automated candidate recommendations based on a company’s decision-making policies, legal requirements, and what information is returned by the background check process.
  • Vetted, filtered information: Unlike competitive API offerings, Accurate Background also ensures that customers only receive vetted, FCRA-compliant background information on candidates. This enables them to make informed decisions that protect the rights of applicants while also protecting their business and customers.

Compliance regulations around use of background checks are constantly evolving. Balancing candidate expectations and compliance in your background check process is possible with the right guide. Accurate Background stays on top of the latest changes to help you onboard faster, while navigating the complex compliance process.

You can learn more about the compliance capabilities available through our API here and read our API FAQs here.


Accurate Background is a Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA), as defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). As a CRA, Accurate complies with all requirements put forth by the FCRA, including but not limited to, ensuring all reasonable procedures are applied to ensure accuracy and protect the confidentiality of the information returned on an individual during the background check process.


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