Featured Image - Companies and Cities Leading the Way in Fair Chance Hiring

Companies and Cities Leading the Way in Fair Chance Hiring

Date Published: July 25, 2023 | Last Updated:September 15, 2023 | By Suraiya Sarwar
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Promoting fairness and inclusivity in the workforce isn’t just ethical, it’s essential. Fair chance hiring programs have emerged as a powerful way to create opportunity for those with criminal records or other barriers to employment. In this blog, we uncover just a few companies and cities that are taking significant strides who are leading the way in transforming lives through fair chance hiring.

Dave’s Killer Bread: Baking Second Chances into their Business Model

Dave’s Killer Bread, a renowned organic bakery, is widely recognized for its commitment to fair chance hiring. Founded by Dave Dahl, who himself experienced challenges after incarceration, the company places a strong emphasis on providing opportunities for individuals with criminal backgrounds. Through its Second Chance Employment Program, Dave’s Killer Bread offers comprehensive support, including employment, skill development, and access to community resources. By creating a welcoming and inclusive work environment, the company not only transforms the lives of its employees but also sets an inspiring example for the wider business community.

Second Chance Employment — Dave's Killer Bread

(Source: Dave’s Killer Bread)

Gainesville: Pioneering Fair Chance Hiring in Florida

Gainesville, Florida, stands out as a trailblazer by becoming the first city in the state to apply fair chance hiring practices to private employers. This groundbreaking move reflects the city’s commitment to fostering inclusivity and offering individuals with past convictions a fair chance to reintegrate into society. By encouraging private businesses to consider qualifications, skills, and potential instead of focusing solely on criminal backgrounds, Gainesville’s fair chance hiring policies create pathways to employment, reduce recidivism rates, and promote community reintegration.

JPMorgan Chase: Expanding Second Chance Hiring Efforts to Phoenix

JPMorgan Chase, a global financial institution, has demonstrated a strong commitment to fair chance hiring through its Second Chance Hiring Initiative. Recognizing that individuals with criminal records possess unique skills and talents, the company has expanded its efforts to Phoenix, Arizona. Collaborating with local organizations, JPMorgan Chase has implemented comprehensive hiring strategies that offer job opportunities, mentorship, and skill development programs. By providing a supportive environment, the company enables individuals seeking a second chance to rebuild their lives, contribute to society, and thrive in meaningful employment.

Crossroads Solar: Illuminating Futures with Second Chance Workforce

Crossroads Solar, an Indiana-based company, is shining a light on the power of second chances and renewable energy. Specializing in the production of high-quality solar panels, Crossroads Solar has taken a unique approach to staffing its factory by exclusively employing formerly incarcerated individuals who are paid a living wage. Founded by Patrick Regan and Martin Whalen, who have dedicated years to teaching courses in local prisons through the Moreau College initiative, this company serves as a beacon of hope, providing employment opportunities and transforming lives post-release. With ambitious plans to expand its impact nationwide, Crossroads Solar envisions a future where solar manufacturing provides not only clean energy but also meaningful employment opportunities for those who have traditionally faced barriers to employment.

Los Angeles: Fair Chance Hiring at the County Level

LA County recently launched a Fair Chance Hiring Program, aiming to provide equal employment opportunities to system-impacted individuals. By collaborating with local businesses, the program offers training, education, and support to enhance job readiness and facilitate successful reentry into the workforce. This initiative plays a crucial role in breaking down barriers, empowering individuals, and promoting a more equitale society.

Fair Chance Hiring Program Gives Another Chance – Los Angeles Sentinel

(Source: Los Angeles Sentinel)

The companies and regions highlighted above serve as a primary example of how companies can achieve success for themselves and citizens who deserve a redeeming chance. If you’d like to learn more about second chance employment, including how to integrate it into your recruiting strategy, join Accurate Background and Sharlyn Lauby, author of HR Bartender on Wednesday, July 26 at 11 AM PST 2 PM ET for a webinar on “Fair Chance Hiring for Your Workplace”. We’ll be doing a deeper dive into second chance employment – sharing more resources, talking implementation strategies, and how background screenings play a role in the process. Click here to register now.


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