Featured Image - Case Study: Hireology Selects Accurate Background as Partner

Case Study: Hireology Selects Accurate Background as Partner

Date Published: February 26, 2016 | Last Updated: September 15, 2023 | By Accurate Background


Strong integration partnerships have played a key role in Accurate Background’s success. These partnerships also enhance the customer and candidate experience by streamlining the hiring process. Leading hiring software provider, Hireology, recently selected Accurate Background as their integrated partner for candidate background checks and published a blog overviewing their vendor selection process.

One of the main reasons behind Hireology’s decision was Accurate’s background check API and its ability to integrate seamlessly with their user flow and provide an off-the-shelf solution for background checks, drug screening, employment verification, and motor vehicle reports. Here is a snippet from their blog:

With Accurate Background, one of the key differentiators was their Background Check API and ability to deeply integrate with our existing Hireology user flow, minimizing the extra work and training our customers would need to manage their background checks.

As an added bonus, Accurate automates much of the applicant authorization process, saving hiring managers time while eliminating the potential for errors that occur through a more manual process. We saw this as a huge value since it was something our customers commonly requested, and a key component not offered by other companies we evaluated.

Hireology’s recent blog further discusses this selection process and provides best practices other employers can use to select an integration partner.

Check out the blog here.