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How to Modernize Your Hiring Process in 2021

Date Published: July 13, 2021 | Last Updated:September 15, 2023 | By Jeramy
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“Help Wanted” posters are popping up like spring flowers in shop windows and on internet job websites. It seems that 2021 is kicking into gear on the tails of the COVID-19 pandemic, and companies are looking for hard workers and good talent to get them out of their shutdown slumps. But things are different today than they were before the pandemic. If you’re ready to do some hiring, here are three things to focus on that will modernize your hiring process:

Sell, Sell, Sell

It’s a buyer’s market out there, and you have a lot of competition. To capture and retain the attention of the best and brightest, you need to be transparent about your organization and do some serious selling. The following strategies are effective at attracting great candidates:

  • Provide a clear job posting describing the position and delineating what you bring to the table—company culture, perks, work-life balance, flexibility, etc.
  • Establish an employee referral program and let your current team members serve as ambassadors.
  • Speed up your recruiting process to minimize the time to hire. Eliminate unnecessary steps and implement new technology to reduce duplicate work and increase efficiency.
  • Promote internally and make sure potential candidates see that your organization offers upward mobility.
  • Maintain a rich presence online in social media and blogs so that candidates are able to learn all they can about your company easily.
  • Be inclusive. One of the most significant questions candidates ask themselves when considering a new position is, “will I fit in this organization?” Interestingly, organization fit is a stronger consideration than position fit. Explore ways to appeal to different values and different needs to expand your appeal.

The more efforts you make to tell your story, the easier it is for candidates to envision themselves as part of your organization.

Re-imagine the Candidate Experience

There’s never been a better time to throw out the old rule book and start fresh and the logical place to begin is with the candidate experience. Today’s applicants are looking for a friendly, engaging, streamlined process that is simple, automated, and fast. Use the following tips to improve your recruiting and hiring procedures:

  • Keep things short and sweet. Candidates should be able to finish your requirements in one short sitting. Condense and clarify.
  • Implement streamlined, automated procedures.
  • Partner with Accurate for high-tech hiring procedures. Our custom solutions such as social media screenings, ATS integrations, background check APIs, and business intelligence services help our clients modernize their background checks and their overall approaches to hiring. Your hiring process can be faster, easier, safer, and more reliable with Accurate.
  • Offer mobile-friendly options. Candidates want to manage everything from their phones.
  • Invest in new technologies. The application, interview, and screening processes are the first interactions the candidate has with your organization and should therefore make a good impression. New tech is your chance to influence applicants in your direction.
  • Put real people at both ends of the process. Use intelligent automation to handle data and logistics and give your recruiting team time to engage with applicants and make personal connections.
  • Move fast. You never want to lose a great hire to the competition because your hiring process took too long.

Take the time to reflect on your hiring processes from the candidate’s point of view. Where once they might have seemed unimportant or unremarkable, in 2021, they represent a critical first chance to communicate to applicants who you are and to make a memorable first impression.

Modernize Your Hiring Process: Analyze and Adapt

Performance analytics will help you determine what’s working and what isn’t in your hiring process. Don’t hesitate to use objective data to refine every step of your process. Consider the following examples of how analytics can influence the process:

  • Evaluate the skills of a candidate and how they might grow and develop within your organization
  • Evaluate the turnover risk to reduce hiring costs
  • Refine your candidate sourcing to determine the sites the yield the best results
  • Gather and evaluate performance data for new hires
  • Measure candidate’s recruitment experience so you can make adjustments as needed
  • Fine-tune your job postings and selection criteria to better suit to positions
  • Analyze job market trends to help you stay ahead of the competition
  • Monitor turnover rates

Using a data-driven approach helps you develop a solid, predictive process. Understanding how candidate profiles relate to results within your business enables you to make confident hiring decisions, which translates to real benefits to your bottom line. Screening activities are more efficient and productive, and new hires are better equipped to perform well from day one. Recruiting analytics can be a game-changer if you use them to continuously make adjustments to your processes and adapt to new market conditions and new information.

Modern Background Screening Solutions from Accurate

The most modern thing you can do to improve your hiring process is to partner with Accurate for all your employee screenings. Relying solely on applications and interviews is strictly a policy from the past; background checks conducted by a professional background screening firm such as Accurate allows you to independently verify a candidate’s identity, work history and education, and gives you insight when needed into their criminal history, drug use, and driving history.

Accurate provides all levels of background checks for businesses of all sizes. We also offer comprehensive compliance tools and seamless ATS integrations that make every step of the process easier for you and the candidate.

Your strategy for successful hiring in 2021? A modern hiring process and Accurate. It’s a powerful combination that results in good hires every time.

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