Featured Image - Revolutionizing Connectivity with T-Mobile & Accurate

Revolutionizing Connectivity with T-Mobile & Accurate

Date Published: January 04, 2024 | Last Updated: February 26, 2024 | By Suraiya Sarwar

Disruptor. Game-changer. Connector. These words merely scratch the surface of T-Mobile’s impact on communication for over 114 million people daily. With a reputation as the ‘nation’s fastest network’ and an innovative ethos through their ‘Un-carrier’ approach, T-Mobile has not only redefined connectivity but also set a gold standard for customer-centric innovation.

Putting Customers at the Heart of Business

T-Mobile has revolutionized the telecommunications landscape by shattering industry norms, eliminating non-negotiables such as early termination fees, introducing unlimited data plans, and providing flexible, no-contract options. This bold approach has redefined industry standards and customer expectations, all while putting freedom and flexibility back into the hands of users.

When T-Mobile sought a background screening vendor, they were in pursuit of a partner aligned with their commitment to prioritizing customer-centric innovation. The objective was to establish a seamless and fully compliant hiring experience supported by global expertise and industry-leading background check technology.

This is where Accurate stepped in.

“Here at T-Mobile, we’re all about embracing change by offering real solutions. Before Accurate, there were many friction points across the background check process, from miscommunication issues with our previous vendor to delays in onboarding candidates. When we came to Accurate, we were excited to see that they aligned with all our needs, said Yasemin Yildiz, Recruiting Operations Manager at T-Mobile.

With over 71,000 employees and over 6,000 locations in the U.S., T-Mobile has always placed a premium on quality talent and safety in its hiring process. In addition, speed and efficiency aren’t just a nice to have when it comes to onboarding candidates; it’s a must.

To ensure quality candidates, T-Mobile leveraged Accurate’s suite of background check services to implement drug & health testingcriminal background checks, driving history checksverifications, and identity management. Since 2021, T-Mobile has conducted 65,515 background checks and rescreens, with an average screening package turnaround time of two business days.

Through Accurate, T-Mobile has streamlined the hiring process through our all-in-one suite of background check services – allowing them to focus on their mission of connecting customers to the world.

The Human Connection

Building out the nation’s largest 5G network requires a delicate balance of innovative technology, a personal touch, and the right army by your side. For T-Mobile, Accurate’s customer service and technology have been instrumental in helping them carry out this mission.

“We don’t know what we would do without our account manager, Tiffany Diana. We have been able to count on her and the team for countless situations and are always met with a solution,” said Yildiz. I have experienced incredible customer service with Accurate, and it’s great to know we have a great partner as T-Mobile continues to grow.”

The T-Mobile team leverages Accurate’s dashboard to receive a high-level overview of the candidate and background check process daily.

“Our HR team uses the analytics tools daily with the chat functionality. It’s beneficial to see how many candidate cases are pending and to be able to send out communication to candidates all within the portal easily,” said Yildiz.

Looking Ahead

As T-Mobile looks to the future, their primary goals heading into the new year will be streamlining operational processes and creating a more user-friendly experience.

“Our next focus is perfecting the candidate experience and streamlining operational processes. Accurate will play a pivotal role in identifying areas for improvement, enhancing background check adjudication, and supporting seasonal hiring initiatives.