Featured Image - What’s the Best Kind of Test for Drug Screening?

What’s the Best Kind of Test for Drug Screening?

Date Published: June 18, 2014 | Last Updated: September 15, 2023 | By Accurate Background

Accurate Background’s Senior Vice President of National Accounts was recently featured on HRM America discussing the pitfalls and benefits of different drug testing methods. Read an excerpt of the story below. The full article is available on HRM America here.

“Aaron Charbonnet has a few good stories when it comes to candidates trying to avoid drug tests. He smiles as he talks about the time a woman called his company, outraged that a urine test showed positive for drugs. It couldn’t possibly have been her, she argued. He explained to her that it’s fine – they can conduct a hair test instead, so she would have a second chance. The next day, she showed up to her appointment for the hair test. She had shaved her head completely bald.

Many companies can share similar experiences of candidates’ botched attempts to avoid drug tests: diluting urine samples with bleach, or drinking excessive amounts of water before the test. That’s why more companies are turning to hair testing, said Charbonnet, who is a senior VP at Accurate Background, a company that helps employers conduct background screenings.”

Read the full article on HRM America.