Featured Image - Yoh & Accurate: Redefining Hiring Excellence Together

Yoh & Accurate: Redefining Hiring Excellence Together

Date Published: February 05, 2024 | By Suraiya Sarwar

Every day, organizations turn to Yoh Staffing Services for their recruitment expertise, seeking talent for short-term and long-term needs and other workforce solutions.

Identifying exceptional talent is no small feat, especially in the ever-evolving technology sector where the right people make all the difference. Since its establishment in 1940, Yoh has consistently earned acclaim as one of the premier staffing industry leaders.

Pioneering the Path to Workforce Excellence

Guided by its mission to connect the best companies with the finest talent, Yoh is positively impacting one candidate at a time.

With 75+ locations in North America and the United Kingdom, Yoh was in need of a global background screening provider that could create reduce friction throughout their hiring process.

During their research, they discovered that one of their accounts had a fantastic experience with Accurate. Upon further investigation, they found that Accurate Background aligned seamlessly with their requirements – cost-effectiveness, speed, accuracy, integrations, and more, according to Hilary Donat, Senior Compliance Specialist.

Empowering Yoh to Deliver Top-Tier Talent

In 2016, Yoh chose Accurate Background as a trusted partner due to its innovative workforce solutions and industry-leading reputation. Today, Yoh continues to rely on Accurate for criminal background checks, drug & health screening, and verification solutions.

The standout benefit Yoh experiences with Accurate? Unparalleled customer support.

“What stands out about Accurate is the amazing customer service. We love that we can easily reach out to our account manager for larger ticket items and get things escalated right away if needed,” said Donat. “Access to 24/7 customer support is incredibly helpful, not only as a global company with offices in different time zones but also in an industry where time is of the essence in moving candidates along the hiring process.”

Streamlining the Hiring Process

Accurate has enabled Yoh to create a seamless hiring process from start to finish. The intuitive platform and data visibility are particularly valued.

“We have team members using Accurate multiple times a day. It’s helpful that the platform is easy to use, consolidating everything in one area. One of my favorite functionalities is the ability to pull reports, providing insights into any gaps occurring throughout the hiring process, whether it’s court delays or slowdowns in a specific geographic area,” said Donat.

Fueling Growth and Success

Through the collaboration with Accurate, Yoh has expedited connecting thousands of top professionals with technology companies in a compliant and efficient manner.

Since 2019, Yoh has successfully onboarded 26,000 candidates. In 2023 alone, Yoh’s account volume has grown by an impressive 23% year-over-year. With Accurate, the turnaround time for background checks has been reduced to an average of 4.33 days, facilitating quicker and smoother onboarding for candidates.

“At Yoh Staffing Services, our mission is amplified by our partnership with Accurate Background. Together, we are dedicated to ensuring a secure and efficient hiring process. Accurate Background empowers us with cutting-edge solutions, enabling our commitment to delivering top-tier talent to businesses,” said Donat. “With a shared vision of trust, accuracy, and compliance, our collaboration streamlines background checks, enhancing the quality and speed of our staffing solutions.”