Featured Image - Accurate Creates a Seamless Hiring Experience for ChenMed

Accurate Creates a Seamless Hiring Experience for ChenMed

Date Published: January 31, 2023 | Last Updated:September 15, 2023 | By Suraiya Sarwar
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Primary care network, ChenMed, has been transforming the healthcare industry for seniors through their intensive high-touch care model. This company’s story began as a single primary care practice in the 1970s but has now grown to over 100 centers in 15 states.

ChenMed came to Accurate early in 2022 in search of a vendor that could automate their background check process as they continue to scale. Although it’s been less than a year, the partnership with Accurate has already shown tremendous results – with even more significant potential for the future.

The Challenge

As a nationwide company with 100+ practices, this client recognized its need to implement a health screening program to support and streamline internal processes while keeping up with changing needs as they rapidly grow.

The client’s team manually managed a high volume of background checks, including scheduling appointment times with clinics, billing invoices, and more. This process resulted in a poor candidate experience since it often led to delayed turnaround times and created a headache for their internal team.

This primary care network needed a vendor to keep up with the complex screening practices of hiring healthcare professionals and a centralized end-to-end background check process, so the company could return to its mission of providing exceptional patient care.

The Solution

After doing due diligence on a wide range of solutions and vendors, Accurate emerged as a top choice for this client. As a seasoned veteran in the healthcare industry, Accurate’s screening technologies, precisely electronic health screening capabilities, and personal expertise were exactly what this organization needed to automate the screening process and scale for future growth.

“Accurate has been a wonderful partner to work with. On average, we’re opening 30 new centers a year and our relationship with Accurate has allowed for us to keep up with the demand at which we’re growing. The responsiveness from Dana and the Accurate team has helped make the background check process as efficient and as smooth as possible,” said Andrea Mirabelli, Senior Manager of Talent Operations at ChenMed.

Accurate’s customized screening packages, compliance technology, and industry-leading packages were a big bonus in helping our client create an efficient and personalized background check experience tailored to this company. Accurate’s healthcare workforce screening solutions have been designed with the healthcare industry’s needs in mind. Through a partnership with Accurate, they quickly doubled their hiring capabilities with a quick turnaround time of 4.62 days, creating a better experience for candidates undergoing background screening. As a result of this success, this organization also added additional services, including AccurateReach and MVR checks to their suite of services.

When partnering with Accurate for your healthcare needs, you can expect comprehensive pre-hire background checks and workforce monitoring solutions. Our dedicated internal healthcare support teams are ready to give you one-on-one support so you can return to your mission of providing optimal patient care.

Are you ready to elevate your organization’s hiring standards with ease? Talk to an Accurate expert today to see how we can help.

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