Featured Image - Key Insights and Lessons Learned from SHRM 2023

Key Insights and Lessons Learned from SHRM 2023

Date Published: June 14, 2023 | Last Updated:September 15, 2023 | By Suraiya Sarwar
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Diversity. Adaptability. Technology. These are three ways the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) is driving change for HR leaders all around the world. The Accurate team recently attended the prestigious SHRM 2023 conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, where we witnessed firsthand the power of these three pillars in shaping the future of HR. From thought-provoking sessions and engaging networking opportunities to insights from industry experts, SHRM 2023 was a melting pot of ideas, strategies, and innovations that are revolutionizing the way we approach human resources.

In this blog post, we will share our key takeaways from the conference, focusing on the transformative impact of diversity, adaptability, and technology in the HR landscape. These three pillars serve as the foundation for progressive organizations that strive to create inclusive workplaces, navigate the evolving business environment, and leverage cutting-edge technologies to optimize HR processes.

Building a Diverse Talent Pipeline:

A recurring theme at SHRM 2023 was the critical importance of building a diverse talent pipeline. George Boone, Senior Manager of OE/Talent Management, and Roselle Rogers, Executive Director of DEI Strategy at Miratech, emphasized the immense value of actively seeking out and engaging with underrepresented groups. By embracing diversity, organizations can access a wider range of perspectives and experiences, fostering innovation and inclusivity within their workforce. Furthermore, the speakers stressed the significance of establishing strong community connections through targeted outreach initiatives, providing access to untapped talent pools, and nurturing a truly inclusive workplace culture.

Adapting to Changes in Form I-9 Regulations:

Changes to Form I-9 regulations were a hot topic at SHRM 2023. With the discontinuation of remote inspections of documents, employers are actively seeking ways to update their I-9 processes. Accurate’s I-9 solution offers a fully compliant platform that enables employers to streamline their employment verification process effectively. By leveraging Accurate’s solution, organizations can navigate the regulatory landscape with confidence, ensuring compliance while optimizing efficiency.

Fostering Employee Engagement and Retention:

Former President Bill Clinton, who provided the keynote speech for the conference, emphasized the paramount importance of fostering employee engagement and retention in organizations. It was evident that employers recognize the significance of embracing common humanity over individual interests. Cultivating community-oriented environments at work was highlighted as a key strategy to foster employee engagement and retention. By creating a sense of belonging, promoting open communication, and providing opportunities for growth and development, organizations can nurture a positive work culture that attracts and retains top talent.

Navigating the Convergence of HR and AI:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the HR landscape, and its convergence with HR practices was a significant topic of discussion at the conference. Technologies like Chat GPT and other AI-powered solutions are gaining traction, offering innovative ways to enhance HR processes. However, it is crucial for HR teams to stay informed about forthcoming workplace AI regulations. States such as New York have already implemented legislation to govern the use of AI in hiring and promotion decisions, emphasizing the importance of preparedness from employers. By staying up to date with AI regulations and harnessing the power of AI responsibly, organizations can leverage technology to drive efficiency and improve decision-making.

Bridging the Skills Gap:

The skills gap emerged as a pressing challenge for employers, with approximately 10.1 million open job positions nationwide. Organizations are struggling to find suitable talent, while prospective workers face difficulties in securing employment. Bridging this gap requires targeted training initiatives to enhance workforce participation and equip individuals with the necessary skills for employment.

To address this challenge, HR professionals and employers are encouraged to prioritize targeted training initiatives. By partnering with educational institutions, offering apprenticeships, and implementing upskilling and reskilling programs, organizations can empower individuals with the necessary skills and competencies for available job positions. By actively investing in their workforce’s development, employers can not only bridge the skills gap but also create a loyal and motivated team that contributes to the company’s long-term success.

As HR professionals look to elevate their team’s employer experience, it will remain crucial to stay informed, adapt to regulatory changes, and embrace innovative solutions to navigate the evolving landscape of work. By incorporating best practices such as targeted outreach, AI-powered tools, compliance solutions such as Accurate’s I-9 platform, and investment in employee development, organizations can future-proof their workforce and create thriving workplaces.

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