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Best Jobs in 2023

Date Published: December 16, 2022 | Last Updated:November 28, 2023 | By Suraiya Sarwar
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“Upskilling” and “reskilling” have become two commonly used buzzwords these days in business settings, and for good reason. As the world economy changes, technology advances, and consumer needs shift, companies must continue to be able to adjust to new internal and external demands.

Older jobs fade away. New jobs emerge.

We no longer need telephone operators. But we now need mobile app developers.

Video store employees are a thing of the past. Drone engineers and operators are in increasing demand.

And the list goes on, with many noting that COVID-19 has even more dramatically impacted a changing demand for types of employees and the skills they provide.

So, looking ahead, what are likely to be the most popular jobs in 2023? Experts believe that these will be among the “Top 10.”

1. Health Coaches

Stephan Baldwin, founder and hiring manager of Assisted Living, a healthcare agency, says that the need for health coaches will continue to soar in demand in 2023. “Many people assume coaches are only for private, one-on-one clients,” Baldwin says. “However, countless companies are seeking to contract mental health and development coaches to work with their teams. Coaches provide the clarity many employees need to stay on track with their goals, find an ideal work-life balance, and boost performance in the office.”

2. Technology-Related Jobs

From data analysts to developers and IT security experts, technology-related jobs will remain hot in 2023, says Theresa Balsiger, vice president of candidate relations at Carex Consulting Group. Tech savvy candidates with soft skills who know how to lead, will be in top demand for these roles, she says. “These is a gap, especially in tech, between individual contributors and those that can mentor, train, and lead teams. The top demand workers will be those who understand the newest tech but also have the soft skills of a superb leader.”

Andrew Swiler, CEO of Lanteria, a human resource management system, agrees, noting that “some of the hottest careers in 2023 will be Blockchain Developer, Cloud Computing Professional, Digital Marketer, and NLP and Machine Learning Expert.”

But technology isn’t the only driver of demand.

3. Skilled Tradespeople

Even as technology becomes pervasive in all walks of life, there are some types of jobs that must still be performed the old-fashioned way—and the need for skilled tradespeople will remain high says Anjela Mangrum, founder and president of Mangrum Career Solutions and a Certified Personnel Consultant (CPC).

“Machining, or actually any form of skilled labor such as electrical work, plumbing, and HVAC, is experiencing recruit droughts as more people prefer a college education over trade school,” she says. “From construction managers and elevator installers to mechanics and landscape architects, I see many occupations that will continue to be in demand in 2023.”

Another career that is high touch that is likely to continue to be high demand—nursing.

4. Nursing

The pandemic has made the shortage of healthcare staff, and particularly nurses, readily evident. It’s a shortage that has ebbed and flowed over the years and, says Mangrum, one that is likely to continue ebbing into 2023.

“The demand for healthcare professionals in the US keeps rising as an increasing number of people keep falling ill every year,” Mangrum says. “I think 2023 is a great year to find a job in healthcare, especially in nursing. As recruiting needs for nurses get high, pay improvements are also likely.

These career experts’ perceptions jibe well with data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Among the top 20 are health care professionals, data scientists, information security analysts, statisticians, web developers. But there are some rather unique careers on the list that might not generally be top-of-mind.

5. Wind Turbine Service Technicians

The BLS predicts a growth rate of 44% for this career, with a median pay in 2021 of $56,260 a year. Wind turbine service technicians “install, maintain, and repair wind turbines.” As these outer space-like structures increase around the country, demand for their services will also increase. It’s a job that can be performed after receiving training at a technical school, along with on-the-job training.

6. Entertainment Industry Staff

While it may seem counterintuitive in a world that has increasingly turned to online and digital forms of entertainment, BLS says that users, lobby, attendants, and ticket takers will increase in demand by 41% and motion picture projectionists by 40% over the next several years. Also on the list: umpires, referees, and other sports officials with demand predicted to grow by 32%.

7. Restaurant Cooks

This one may come as no surprise for those who have experienced delays, and even closures, at their favorite restaurants as they struggle to attract and retain both cooks and services. BLS predicts demand here to grow by 37%.

While these, broadly, are likely to be the top jobs in high demand in 2023, individual demands will, of course, vary by industry, geography, and type of product or service provided. The bottom line, though, is that it is likely for employers of all kinds to continue to find themselves challenged to attract and retain talent in an environment where employees, increasingly, seem to have the upper hand.

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