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Industries Still Thriving and Hiring in 2023

Date Published: February 16, 2023 | Last Updated:November 01, 2023 | By Suraiya Sarwar
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Economists predict a recession lies ahead and recent tech layoffs have that sector of the economy feeling shaky and uncertain. At the same time, it’s important to remember there’s still a lot of work going on out there and many industries will be adding to their workforces. Which industries will grow and hire in 2023? Let’s take a quick look at Accurate’s predictions for the most popular jobs in 2023 and how we can help you hire people to fill them.


Folks are shopping. Recession and inflation will be a factor, but we believe consumers will continue to shop and spend. That said, we expect to see some changes, such as the following:

  • Influencer shopping. We aren’t sure what name to give this trend, but more and more, consumers are turning to online influencers for shopping information, including what products are hot and where to find good prices. Online personalities try the products, give their opinions, and often offer discount codes or other incentives to drive purchases.
  • Local deals. A lot of trends coalesce in this one idea. As shoppers try to balance movements towards options like supporting small businesses and shopping local with their need for low prices, the demand for apps or other services geared towards finding local deals will grow.
  • Online and e-commerce evolutions. Online and e-commerce sales aren’t going anywhere. That said, we do expect to see click and pick up shopping to grow, which means retail establishments will need to pivot to microwarehousing and other similar options in order to meet the demand.

Accurate has background check services and packages tailored specifically to the needs of the retail industry. We will help your business onboard good people with the skills you need to take advantage of all the potential in the market in the new year.


The healthcare industry is experiencing the effects of three major shifts:

  1. The baby boomer population is squarely in their senior years and their need for healthcare services is significant and growing.
  2. The number of patients requiring care for chronic health conditions continues to rise.
  3. Nearly 20% of all healthcare workers left their jobs during the pandemic.

It’s not hard to spot the challenge: there are more patients needing care and fewer providers to give it. Some estimates say the United States needs over one million new nurses in 2023 to meet the demand. That’s a lot of nurses.

For employers in the healthcare industry, this means competition will be fierce. You need to find and hire good nurses and then do all you can to keep them. In addition to competitive wages and plenty of generous benefits and perks, you’ll also want to do work on the front end of the process. In this type of environment, it can be tempting to rush into hiring decisions and skip crucial steps such as background checks, but this is a mistake. It’s much wiser to take the time to vet your hires thoroughly before bringing them on board; it’s simply too expensive in dollars and time to risk needing to repeat the process because you brought in the wrong person for the job.

Accurate’s background screening services for the healthcare industry help you get the right people. We handle all the compliance issues for you including the many, layered healthcare screening mandates so you can focus on finding the right fit. Plus, our process is seamless and we work quickly so you’ll never lose a great candidate because of a slow background check or a tedious candidate interface.

Travel and Entertainment

People are ready to get out of the house and go…anywhere. The travel industry is expected to boom in the coming year as are businesses related to events and experiences. Concerts, festivals, sporting events, and all the rest will be plentiful and packed in 2023. All these events take manpower; if you’re hosting, Accurate will help you hire all the full-time and contract workers you need to keep your attendees safe and well-cared for. We offer custom packages that are perfect for meeting these kinds of event-based or seasonal staffing needs. You can specify exactly which background checks you need to run and you’ll find prices and timelines that keep you on track and on budget.

Gig Work

The on-demand marketplace is growing; people are getting more and more creative about the types of work that can be done “on demand.” An industry that was once strictly about air bnbs and ride sharing has now expanded to include car sharing and office sharing as well as gig work for all types of services. There are apps to help you find a ride, an electrician, a rental car, or a plumber; whether you need a service or want to work, there’s an app for that. Many business owners are discovering that hiring gig workers for one-time or short-term work is a cost-effective way to move forward on business goals and objectives without incurring the high-costs of full-time staff.

But on-demand work does not preclude background checks; independent contractors need to be qualified and trustworthy the same as full-time employees. Accurate’s gig economy background check plans let every employer hire independent workers with confidence. With our fast and streamlined checks, you can move quickly, protect your brand, and minimize risks.

2023: Bring it On

Partnering with Accurate for background checks will prepare you for whatever 2023 has in store. Make this your best year yet. Contact a member of the Accurate team for more information on how background checks can help you grow in the new year.

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