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Most Popular Jobs of 2024

Date Published: November 07, 2023 | Last Updated: February 05, 2024 | By Jeramy Gordon

Back in the 1850s, some of the most widely held jobs were far different than they are today — chimney sweeps, matchmakers, and shoe peg makers were popular, for instance.  The pace of change over the past century and a half, of course, has increased rapidly. Even some jobs that were relatively common just a few years ago have waned, with many impacted by the pandemic.

For instance, in 2021 AARP reported steep declines in jobs in fields like petroleum extraction and dry cleaning. Hospitality jobs were also hard hit during the pandemic, but have since seen an upward shift as pandemic concerns have eased.

On the flip side, there are also jobs that exist, and are popular today, that were newly emerging at the dawn of the new Millennium, as Insider reports. These include:

  • App developers. “Apps weren’t invented until the late 2000s, so app developers weren’t a thing yet,” Insider reports.
  • Drone operators are now commonly used in the film industry and by large retailers like Amazon.
  • Content moderators for social media sites have emerged as sites have been under increased scrutiny to ensure compliance and accuracy.
  • A myriad of new jobs in the marijuana industry.

There are others. These shifts illustrate how the environment can affect the need for labor of all kinds. That need is constantly shifting and changing, requiring related shifts in education, training, and development—and in recruitment. Here we take a look at some of the most popular jobs as we approach 2024.

Technology-Related Jobs

In an environment marked by technological advancements of all kinds, it’s unsurprising that tech-related jobs top the list of the hottest job trends as we head into 2024. These include roles such as Full Stack Developer, Data Engineer, Cloud Engineer, AI and Machine Learning Specialist, Business Intelligence Analyst, and Information Security Analyst. The demand for these roles is driven both by the increasing digitalization and the need for businesses to leverage data for decision-making. In fact, they say, these jobs “occupy the three top spots in this year’s list when only one tech job made the top ten last year.” Although they acknowledge that demand is trending downward, this area still leads the pack. While demand for tech jobs is trending down, it is still elevated compared to pre-pandemic levels.

Healthcare-Related Jobs

Healthcare is a field where jobs of many kinds remain in continual high demand due to both the aging of the US population and, unfortunately, rising concerns related to mental health and substance abuse. Technology is also impacting the healthcare industry both in terms of treatment advancements and the impact of artificial intelligence/machine learning. The highest-paying healthcare jobs for 2024 are projected to be:

  • Anesthesiologist ($302,970).
  • Physician and surgeon ($229,300).
  • Nurse anesthetist (CRNA) ($203,090).
  • Pediatrician ($190,350).

However, healthcare roles don’t have to be highly paid to be in high demand. In Minnesota, for instance, home healthcare workers are among the most in-demand jobs, but also among the lowest paid.

Sustainability Jobs

Sustainability is a hot topic these days, and jobs designed to address sustainability as the world moves toward a net-zero environment, are growing. Some of those highest in demand include sustainability specialists and renewable energy engineers.

Customer Service Jobs

Even though technology impacts virtually every job and every type of company out there, “old-fashioned” customer service jobs are still projected to be in high demand. In fact, CX Network says that customer service skills are in demand in every industry. Technology can, and will, be a great aid for a wide range of roles, but the personal touch will still be in high demand.

Software Development Jobs

Ensuring the continued advancement and application of technology requires software developers—a role that will continue to be in high demand despite the impact that Generative AI tools are already having. There will be shifts, though, in the types of development skills companies will be looking for. Quickway Infosystems suggests the top three areas of highest demand in 2024 will be:

  • AI-powered development.
  • Quantum computing integration.
  • Low-code and no-code development.

Other niche software development applications round out their list of the top 10. Their conclusion: “…the landscape of software development is poised for significant changes in 2024.”

Management Jobs

Like customer service, another evergreen occupation even in a tech-enabled world is management. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS): “Overall employment in management occupations is projected to grow faster than the average for all occupations from 2022 to 2032.” Skills required to succeed in management positions are shifting significantly, impacted by the pandemic and an increase in remote and hybrid work, as well as by the rapid emergence of new technology and its impact on employee engagement, productivity, and performance.

For job seekers, the landscape of demand in 2024 is looking bright—with so many, and such varied roles, in high demand, there is likely to be a wide range of roles to choose from. A mix of high-tech and high-touch jobs will offer opportunity for a broad range of skills, aptitudes, and interests.